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27-07-12 19:49

Summer Academy - die Diplome sind übergeben!

Ein Ferialpraktikum der anderen Art – das bot auch heuer wieder die DUO*STARS Summer Academy by Smar...

17-07-12 13:40

„Summer School“ - „Interesse für Technik sicher größer geworden“

„Eine spannende, abwechslungsreiche und informative Woche liegt vor euch“, gab der für die Summer Sc...


Key indices and directing measures
Directing measures, and offering targeted measures that are meaningful in terms of the economy, is only possible on the basis of reliable key indices – something which holds true at the regional level too. This area of action is creating the instruments needed for that. In recent years, it has been shown around the world that measurement instruments and reporting systems to evaluate progress in the areas of knowledge, cooperation, education, research and innovation are not sufficiently well-developed. As part of the DUO**STARS project, therefore, reliable key indices are being developed in order to be able to give a supportive assessment of the entire value-added process and the outcomes of the regional measures.

The outcome will be to make the success of the steps to implementation in the individual areas of action transparent, through regular publication of assessments for all those involved and for the general public.




04-07-12 09:11

Virtual Lab - Eine Zusammenfassung

Das DUO**STARS Virtual Lab war ein großer Erfolg!

04-07-12 09:01

DUO**STARS Summer Academy by Smart>Net gestartet!

Auch in diesem Jahr gibt es wieder die DUO**STARS Summer Academy by Smart>Net. Der Andrang war - nac...


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