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27-07-12 19:49

Summer Academy - die Diplome sind übergeben!

Ein Ferialpraktikum der anderen Art – das bot auch heuer wieder die DUO*STARS Summer Academy by Smar...

17-07-12 13:40

„Summer School“ - „Interesse für Technik sicher größer geworden“

„Eine spannende, abwechslungsreiche und informative Woche liegt vor euch“, gab der für die Summer Sc...

[Translate to englisch:] Zielsetzungen

The DUO**STARS project aspires to become a beacon in the medium term. Through targeted measures, the intention is to integrate leading companies and public bodies in this forward-looking partnership even more strongly into global high-tech wealth creation and know-how networks than before.
Starting from the regional guiding strategies, the DUO**STARS partners are looking to help increase the global attractiveness and competitive capability of their locations. By adopting a consistent brand policy, the aim is for the joint economic area to be positioned and marketed worldwide over the years ahead as a ‘brain belt’.
Within this context, it is the declared aim of all parties involved to safeguard existing regional added value in production and in the supplier industry, and to expand this if possible. Barriers to market entry are to be lowered, the percentage of innovators increased and the intensity of added value raised through quicker development of products to market maturity. Knowledge, innovations and technologies are to be developed even more quickly and marketed more effectively through trans-regional cluster structures.
With regard to the mobility of qualified workers and knowledge workers, DUO**STARS is aiming to have an impact extending beyond the programme area and to attract human resources to the region, given the current shortage of specialists.  Existing specialist staff and future employees (particularly female employees) currently in training are to be supported via effective investments in training and qualification measures aimed at advancing their skills and increasing their capacity for flexibility.
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04-07-12 09:11

Virtual Lab - Eine Zusammenfassung

Das DUO**STARS Virtual Lab war ein großer Erfolg!

04-07-12 09:01

DUO**STARS Summer Academy by Smart>Net gestartet!

Auch in diesem Jahr gibt es wieder die DUO**STARS Summer Academy by Smart>Net. Der Andrang war - nac...


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